8 Ways to Dominate Your Local SEO Rankings

Local SEO

It’s not surprising that a variety of local online stores and services are giving their utmost effort to make their business or brand recognized in the webspace. Despite some tweaks made by Google regarding paid ads and local search engine results page or SERPs, everyone is making an effort to up their game to adapt to these changes.

This makes for a tough challenge for SEOs to improvise and ensure an effective campaign whatever the case may be. You’re in luck as we are here to provide some useful tips to dominate your local SEO rankings. Here are 8 of them!

Manage link building campaigns

Link building is perhaps one of the most essential ways to boost your online presence. However, if we’re dealing with local SEO campaigns link building takes a significant amount of effort as it can take some time. Polishing your content to make it appealing to influencers is another thing.

Collaborating with different influencers is no easy task but you should always prioritize to seize such an opportunity. Through this, earning organic links is made more accessible. Your brand awareness in the online space would also leave a positive impact.

To put it simply, establishing a link-for-link collaboration with other local websites can be essential. Doing so means you’re doing a great deal not only for your brand but to the other parties involved.

Use social media platforms

Exchanging links with other local websites are healthy and important. This can increase website traffic as well.

Another way to accomplish such a feat is by utilizing social media to your advantage. Not only it will ensure a relevant audience, but it will also be in a very conventional sense. People are obviously on different social media platforms and it would be detrimental to ignore such a market.

Make sure to keep your post engaging, relevant, and consistent is the key to keep a stable space in the online space. Understanding how different social media platforms operate differently can drastically improve your SEO rankings.

Open a Google My Business listing

While still on the topic of social media, why not set up your business profile with Google My Business? Admittedly, it’s not a social media at the same level as Facebook or Instagram by any means, but it is a great way to promote your business and search engine optimization rankings.

It’s free and it lets you provide your business name, address, contact numbers, website links, and operating hours so it can be listed in their database. This allows them to show your profile in local searches and properly sort them based on relevance, time, location, etc.

Completing as much detailed information as you can about your firm is ideal. This may more likely add traffic to your website as it is all presented in such a professional manner.

Take advantage of social proof

Encouraging people to leave reviews, feedback, or comments is a great way to improve your local SEO rankings. It reflects honest opinions from actual customers resulting in either a positive impression or a negative one.

The latter of course is pretty much nowhere on your complete control which makes this whole process a little bit tricky to even pull off. Albeit not impossible, it would take a lot of effort to make them provide testimonials that would hopefully encourage more customers to avail of your product or service.

Make engaging local content

It is no secret that creating content related to local happenings, trends, and events would garner attention in the same region as you are. Utilizing current events like local gatherings by creating video montages or even as simple as writing a blog about it introduces your business as a brand the locals can trust.

It creates a connection between you and the people. For them, it means you are acknowledging the things that they care about. This is an effective way to reach an even wider audience as word of the mouth will do the rest for you.

Improve consistency of your NAP

NAP citations affect your ranking on search engines. Learning how to keep a consistent NAP maximizes your presence online.

Make sure that your business name, along with all your other business information is consistent across all places on the internet. A perfect example is how some businesses often disregard uniformity on some of their details even downright to the capitalization of their business name.

Track your image and video ranking

What most people don’t know is that rankings and analytics are not limited to page visits or clicks. Given that you have the appropriate tracker, your website images and videos can be tracked of their rankings.

Choosing the right format, titles, and metadata are just some of the factors that you always have to consider to increase its ranking. Customizing your video thumbnails can also attract more people. Providing short and professional video descriptions can also affect your video’s overall search engine optimization ranking.

Optimizing your site for mobile compatibility

Considering how many people in this modern-day use their mobile phones in their daily lives, optimizing your website for mobile users should be a no-brainer.

This means, the website can easily adapt to any units or device of different screen sizes without any issues. You can try using Google Mobile-Friendly Test to view whether your website is already optimized for mobile use.

Keeping quality is important, but making them conveniently more accessible is even better.