Having a business or brand does not mean it is all planning, numbers, money, data and statistics. These are just a part of one big puzzle that needs to be put together in order to create something. The most crucial part of the digital marketing world is creatives. Why? Say you have it all together, the content, the write-ups, the marketing plan but if you do this without being creative, it will all stumble until all that is left to you is the rubble of your failed dream.


Xing Digital is an expert in this field. We can help you create a strong brand that speaks even without words or sentences. We can help you create your logo, visuals, and other creative aspects of the brand or business that you want to succeed.

We'll help you find creative solutions

Multimedia Design

Brand creatives are an essential marketing medium to promote your brand even at a single glance.  Media can be in the form of graphics, video, or audio that can communicate your desired message easily. Doing so helps you establish who you are as a brand and ultimately help your audience remember who you are. Our team is equipped with the right skills and tools to create bespoke media catered to what you want to achieve.

Optimized Design for Digital Platforms

Brand Identity, Strategy & Design

One of the most effective ways for your brand or product to be recognized by your target market is through a logo. Just think of these when people say coca-cola, you have the visuals already in your head. You know that it’s Pepsi if you see a circle with red and blue design. That’s how strong brand identity is.


Creating something that will represent your brand is not all fun and games. You have to carefully choose the right design that will reflect your product so that it can create a stronger message that this is who you are.


Our graphic designers are skilled individuals who can do different designs on different platforms and software. But of course here in Xing Digital, we consider you as one of the team so you can also learn while we do and build your success.