How to use hashtags as social media marketing strategy

Social Media Hashtags

Social media is one of the top digital marketing strategies that can break boundaries. It is the one platform that can target so many followers and new people. One strategy that can be done through social media marketing is using hashtags. That is what we are going to learn, hashtags in social media platforms

Who in the world doesn’t use hashtags nowadays? I mean normal people use it as a trend or just some accessory on their ootd or posts. What they don’t know is that you can use hashtags like how you use SEO on your marketing strategy.

Hashtag became famous first on twitter. It is a way to make a post trending. Now, it has spread almost through every social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and every possible web entity that can use this kind of feature. It is a way for your post or product to be heard.

If you know how to use hashtags smartly it will boost your marketing gains. As you know social media is a powerful weapon. It can either create or destroy someone or something. It is also as good as a TV commercial. The only difference is that it is free.

What exactly is a hashtag?


When we say hashtag, It is a word or keyword to be exact that has a hash in the front. For those who do not know what a hash is, it is a pound sign (#). It is a strategy used in social media. Using a hashtag can get your post some rankings and set a trend. It will help the people know about the topic you created or in other words it is a way your post can get attention. However, you have to know the right keyword so you can gain interaction with the market that you want to hit.

If you notice, words with hashtags don’t have spaces. It is constructed like this “#WhatExactlyIsAHashtag” you can use symbols if you want. You can either set your hashtag at the beginning of your post, in the middle or at the end. Usually, the appropriate or best way to put it is at the end. Though you can get people’s attention even if they are not your followers. They will be able to see your content if you set the right keyword or trend. 

The Basics of hashtag

Putting a hashtag in your content can be a trendsetter. You can create hashtags easily. But if you are not doing it right, it will look like a mess or an accessory so that your post can be cool in some way. If in SEO there is a procedure, using a hashtag is the same. It has fundamentals and guidelines that you need to follow so that your social media marketing strategy will be effective and precise.

As I have mentioned earlier your use of hashtags will be as effective as SEO marketing if you do it the proper way. So here are some useful tips to help you improve your use of hashtags.

  • If you think that the more keywords with hashtags will make your posts effective then you got it wrong. Using a hashtag depends on the platform that you will use. Generally, one or two hashtags per post are the ideal number of hashtags that you can use so it will look organized.
  • Every hashtag should not be that long. As much as possible it should be a one-liner word that will represent your content as a whole. Avoid using multiple or more words in a single hash.
  • Think about what your market is looking for. Don’t be the clever guy that uses sophisticated words. Remember social media is a platform for entertainment. If you think too smart, your hashtag won’t become searchable.
  • In using a keyword that will represent your content make sure to use a specific word rather than using a keyword that means a lot of things. 
  • One great feature of using a hashtag is that you can see all of your competitors. If you use the right keyword that your competitor also uses, you will find their content that is relevant to yours.

Choose the right hashtag

If you are going to pursue your social media marketing, make sure that you use the right words. The right words means more chances of hitting your targeted audience. Also, be precise, capitalize on each of the first letters of your hashtag. #HereIsAnExample rather than using #hereisanexample see the difference? Capitalizing each of the first letters of words emphasizes what you are trying to convey.

Another thing that you should take note of is the different platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms differ in the use of hashtags.

Following these simple fundamentals will lead you to more possibilities. So make sure you #UseTheRightHashtag.