Pay Per Click Management

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC or “Pay Per Click” is an advertising strategy in the digital marketing world which is the sole opposite of the SEO approach. In pay per click, money is involved. With this strategy you are going to pay a specific platform or website to advertise your brand or product. A specific amount is paid to the platform whenever your advertisement is clicked.


How does it differ from SEO? In SEO you have to organically build a strong reputation for your websites to get visits. In PPC, you are basically buying visits to your website. However, the advantage of this kind of approach is that results are much faster rather than search engine optimization.

Google AdWords

Online ads on Google can help you reach the right customers and grow your business

Keyword Research

Find the right keywords to use in your Google Ads campaigns


The Role of PPC Advertising

Pay only when you are clicked
Through pay per click, the risk is lowered because you only have to pay every time your ad is clicked. Unlike some other types of advertising approach where you pay a certain amount but you can’t guarantee if it will be an effective marketing strategy. If that happens you just wasted your time and your hard-earned money.


You control the budget
one of the most important aspects, when you are running a business, is budget. Without it, you cannot expect to continue operating your business because sadly, managing your budget is just as important.

In pay per click advertising, you can manage your budget right without ever exceeding your limit because you control your financial decisions here. Unlike in traditional advertising where you have no idea how much it will cost in the long run because the prices in this industry are not consistent.

You can target the right platform
As a business owner, you know exactly where or who is your target market. In pay per click advertising, you have the power to choose where to put your advertisement, reaching people that are your target audience. Xing Digital will also help you to choose where to put your advertisement that will give you the best and efficient result.


Fast and accurate results
In search engine optimization, organic results are also accurate and efficient but it may take a while for you to have this on hand.
In pay per click, you can get these kinds of results on a much faster pace. It will give you the traffic that you need for your brand and product which will lead to a quicker and higher return of investment.


Things to consider in Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click can be beneficial and helpful in the success of a marketing plan if you consider some things and lay them carefully. This kind of advertising can provide fast and accurate results but it doesn’t mean that those results will have positive feedback if you fail in one of the things below.

Proper ad placement

One thing you should consider is where to put your ad. You have to carefully analyze the markets of a certain website or platform that you will face your ad on. You should be able to tell if the brand and product that you are going to advertise on their site is relevant to the people using it otherwise your ad will look like some irritating spam popping out of nowhere.

Choose the right words

If you are going to pay for an ad you might as well choose a quality content design that will make your brand shine from the other competitors. Your ad must not just make any noise in their web, your ad must have an impact that will get the attention of people using it.

The more the merrier

Have you imagined what one good advertisement can do to your marketing strategy? What more if you consider putting ads on different search engines and different platforms.

Check your competitors

Being a successful businessman means keeping a keen eye on your rivals. You have to check how your competitors place their ads so you can have a better idea of how you will create the advertisement that you are going to publish. You can also have an idea on how much you can allot if you are going to pursue pay per click advertising.


If you are having doubts about how to do these approaches, you don’t have to worry because Xing Digital agency will help you all throughout the process. We will be there from the start, up to the end because we treat every client as a part of our team and we are glad to work, not for you but with you.