The Importance of SEO in the Digital Marketing Industry


Every SEO expert in the Philippines would never fail to tell you the importance of search engine optimization nowadays.

While it may be a bit hard to comprehend all the technical jargons that they may chatter to you about, understanding why SEO is of great importance will genuinely give you an upper hand in the digital market today.

An introduction to the digital marketing industry

The digital marketing industry is a broad industry that focuses on promoting businesses, brands, or services through digital means. The majority of the time, people are associating this term with that of online marketing.

This is not surprising as we live in an age where the internet is a dominant marketplace for pretty much any company that not only needs some catching up but also who aims for success. A digital marketing agency knows all the necessary things you would need to grow your business in the digital space.

One thing to note about digital marketing is that it’s not always about selling or promoting a brand, product, or service. Sometimes, they can also be informational and a good source of entertainment as well.

Search Engine Optimization

Here at Xing, we have already defined Search Engine Optimization or SEO to such a tedious extent. Regardless, for those of you who don’t know what SEO is, it is an online marketing technique that helps promote or collect website traffic.

In this digital age where internet usage is prevalent, everyone is moving towards the digital space. We’ve come a long way from traditional fine-prints. Ads have certainly evolved in such a way that it has become far more accessible, innovative, and efficient.

SEO focuses on the rankings a website can get in search engines. You know how when you type something in Google and hit enter, you get a list of search results. The items you see, especially those on the top of the list, are most likely a product of good SEO marketing.

Common misconceptions about SEO

While SEO sounds really enticing, there are actually some companies that try to avoid SEO services at all costs. Whether they have worked with an SEO agency but failed miserably, or tried but didn’t get any results, this digital marketing strategy became questionable at best.

This has led to some common misconceptions about SEO. Many believe that SEO packages are flat out not worth it, shady, and completely unhelpful.

What most people don’t know is that in the early days of SEO, there are lots of people exploiting some loopholes in Google’s rankings. These shady tactics were referred to by many as dirty tactics or simply the black hat SEO.

Lucky for us, SEO has definitely improved since then and Google makes a fair and strict algorithm to avoid those critical mistakes of the past.

Why SEO is important

By its very definition, SEO is very important especially in this day and age where keeping your business above or at least at par with all your competitors is crucial if you want your brand, product, or service to succeed.

People who want to grow their online presence should never hesitate to consult an SEO agency. It’s their job to help you gain relevant traffic and potential sales. Of course, having a good search ranking would increase your visibility.

SEO involves a lot of work including the use of optimal keywords, link building, cross-promotions, and more. Nothing beats an SEO company when it comes to building your brand to the best that it can be.

Why you should use SEO

You have to understand that there are other ways to grow your presence online but SEO marketing is an option that is both practical and efficient. SEO isn’t entirely free but every money, including your time and effort, is a hundred percent good investment in the long run.

Unlike any other paid tactics, it’s also very ideal for smaller and newer business players. It’s even great for companies who do not mind growing their brand slowly but surely.