White Hat SEO: How to Rank Without Breaking the Rules

white hat seo

What is  White-hat SEO?

There are several digital marketing strategies that can help your website rank amongst the highest on search engines.

A White Hat SEO refers to an SEO approach the follows the guidelines of Google or other search engines’ approved website optimization. The focus of this approach is for users to get the best search results by using techniques and tactics that do not follow the terms and conditions of search engines.

Using white-hat means:

  • Following the rules of different search engines, including Google.
  • Focusing on users and humans, not search engines.
  • Creating quality content for readers that are engaging, digestible, and shareable.
  • Making a website that stands out among your competition in a fair manner.

White-hat SEO vs. Black-hat SEO

Now that you have understood what white-hat SEO is, let’s talk about Black-hat SEO. On the flipside, Black-hat is the exact opposite of the white-hat.

Black-hat SEO refers to the SEO approach that does not follow the approved guidelines of search engines including Google. In some cases, websites that use this tactic is flat-out unethical just to get the same result.

Black-hat focuses on finding the loopholes of different search engines’ algorithms. To say the least, they are using dirty tactics.

But, the more important question you might be asking yourself right now is “Should I avoid black-hat and pick white-hat instead?”. This undeniably a valid and sensible question to ask at this point.

To truly answer this question is it still depends. By any means, we are not implying that the black hat’s concept is immoral or evil. As a matter of fact, in most cases, doing these exploits don’t hurt anyone.

Depending on your goal or the type of market that you are in, either of these two SEO approach can do your website better.

Importance of White-hat SEO techniques

Black-hat SEO is too risky. Now that you have understood the difference between the two, you may have probably started to realize that the consequences that your website may get for not following white-hat practices can be detrimental.

Perhaps the most harmful outcome if white hat SEO tactics are not implemented is that your website can get banned from search engines.

Think of Google, the most giant search engine company, where billions of people and users are using each day. Losing access to this luxury would cost you your entire website. Your website appearing on search results will be completely terminated, losing all potential page visits, traffic, and sales.

Every digital marketing agency understands the risks at stake here. Google for instance can even give an embargo that can last indefinitely. Not even the most popular influencers can even help you recover.

Disadvantages of Black-hat SEO

Among many other things, black-hat SEO tactics should be at the bottom of your list if you are aiming for long-term success for your website. While this tactic can certainly be utilized by some markets, it’s best to play safe to avoid the consequences.

Of course, one way to rise up among the ranks is to avoid black-hat at all costs. Here are some of the drawbacks that black-hat has:

  • It is very risky

You already know the penalty and it’s the worst thing that could happen to your website. There is rarely ever a case where bans were lifted. All those years of link building and hard work may be wasted.

  • It is not practical

Many search engines have ways to improve their algorithms, making some dirty tactics ineffective. People who use black-hat is left with no other option but to find different ways to get around, and doing so makes those come at a high cost.

  • It is too technical

Unless you are a digital marketing expert, it is going to be hard for people to even execute black-hat. Finding ways to even do this approach is very rare as many people are not fond of this SEO approach as a viable option.